We are bunch of enterprenuers in Bihar with some experience in starting own ventures in bihar few years back. It was a challange for us while starting business and choosing enterprenuership as carrerr back then. We don’t want other startups to face as many troubles we had this resulted in the birth of Bihar Startups Club. We have vision to promote startups in Bihar and started Bihar Startups Club with a thought that bringing together aspiring, budding and established entrepreneurs is important and this should be facilitated in a manner that does not intimidate starters.

Bihar Startups Club is a premier destination for early stage startups. We bring together startup communities and create spaces for entrepreneurs to lean and work.
We organise startup meetups regularly. As a part of the meetup, we discuss various topics that are relevant to startups and encourage discussions amongst members based on their experiences.

Beside meetups, Bihar Startups Club also organises Workshops, Hands-On-Sessions, Seminars and Fests at different universities and colleges of Bihar. In these sessions Successful Entrepreneurs, Businessman, Motivators and CEOs of Different Startups share their experiences and takes practical sessions at workshops so that young and dynamic entrepreneur minds can get the adequate information and knowledge about the current environment.

Bihar Startups Club also provide resource and mobilization support to potential startups in Bihar, along with this Startups Ideas are promoted and are provided with proper counselling so that they can develop into a successful startup.