Patna based startup JiffIT is bringing Quality CAR & Home Cleaning at your Doorstep

Patna based startup JiffIT is bringing Quality CAR & Home Cleaning at your Doorstep

Many customers who wanted to reach office everyday with a clean car without the hassle of cleaning/ maintaining there cars on regular basis are excited with the Daily Car Cleaning & On demand Car wash Service in Patna from JiffIT. Every morning, hundreds of apartment complexes & homes across Patna, is visited by daily car wash service provider from JiffIT team they call JiffIT hero to clean cars exterior every day.

Team behind JiffIT

JiffIT earlier launched as D2D Cares which is founded in Patna by Syed Hizqeel started providing unique daily car cleaning subscription package to customers as trail. With feedback and consistent learnings JiffIT team was able to build quality technology platform to provide aggregator-based car cleaning services in Patna. Started with a seed capital of Rs. 1 lakh, this Patna-based startup offers comprehensive doorstep car care services & home cleaning services across the city boundary of Patna.

Jiffit Car wash & Home Cleaning Startup in Patna
JiffIT Team

Currently JiffIT has served more than 1500 unique customers in Patna in on-demand section providing car wash, tank cleaning, pest control & home cleaning services in Patna, Bihar.

What’s the USP of JiffIT?

The biggest challenge team has to face in developing mobile app technology to precisely & transparently handle 100s of daily car subscriptions without hassle. Customers now purchase daily car cleaning package from JiffIT mobile app (available on android & iOS platforms) and can pay in there wallet whenever they want. Every day on service completion they are able to see photo of completed service on calendar in there app with complete transparency.

Very recently based on customer demand they have also started to offer alternate day car cleaning package for those who need car cleaning every alternate day at affordable rates rather choosing to opt for daily car cleaning service. Customers can also select a date and time, their location, and choose on-demand car wash , car interior or complete car detailing package for single time or occasional requirements without opting for subscription package.

Future Plans of Expansion

Syed Hizqeel founder of JiffIT started his entrepreneurial journey in 2021 have vision to take this startup to other cities in near future. Speaking to us about challenges Sayed spoke about capital requirement in order to grow fast and move to Tier I cites they have met with several investors and continuously exploring opportunity for funding however so far the startup is fully bootstrapped and have not raised any funding round yet.

In coming month they are planning to launch JiffIT Car Wash & Home Cleaning services in Ranchi also. We wish him more growth & success in there upcoming launch.