Upcoming Event -Bihar Startup Sunday 2nd Chapter

Upcoming Event -Bihar Startup Sunday 2nd Chapter

Bihar Startup Sunday is an initiative of Bihar Startups Club with a motive to bring operational startups on a table. More than 150 operational startups from Bihar are trying to solve problems in diverse sectors such as Education, Medical, Food, Logistics, Agriculture etc. This event is about discussing various issues of startups of Bihar in their operations. Sometimes product offered by one startup solves the problem of other Startup. Bihar Startup Sunday provides a platform where startups come up with their problems and the other startups attempt to solve these problems.

This is the 2nd session or chapter of Bihar Startup Sunday – Meetup is proposed to be organised on 25th of june 2017, In this session startups will discuss about the most vital element of business “Team Building”.

The idea is to build a Startup community and to use network of each Startup to help other Startups.

Topic : “How to build an effective team“.

Below are the points to be covered in the session:-
1) Components of a good team.
2) How to manage team conflicts.
3) How to choose co-founders and to support each other.
4) How to create a good team environment for a Startup and to boost morale.
5) Hiring a good team member is a big challenge in a low cost budget so how to solve it.
6) How to manage human resource in an organisation.

Schedule & Venue:

25th June 2017 – 3PM
Bihar Industries Association, Sinha Library Road, Patna.

Registration & Entry

This event is focused for startups which are already operational, If you wish to attend this event you must submit your details via Online Registration Form.