Calling all startups from Bihar to connect with BiharStartupsClub. Goal of BiharStartupsClub is to feature promising startups provide them a platform to achieve growth, get Ideas from other startups to potentially grow at a pace. We are ourselves group of startups from Bihar and as a community we can learn from each other’s experience and make business decisions more faster from other’s experience.

Apart from above perks startup company can get more benefits from the community, specially Startups based on Technology would get more from Bihar Startups Club and our supporters like work-space, mentor-ship free utilities like Internet, Water, Electricity and off-course Coffee in your cup.

More information to follow, startups interested in nurturing with the help of community join us. At the moment you can share your interest by commenting on this post or can send an email to us at Let’s take our Bihar to the main stream and push our nation’s progress keep yourself updated connect at our facebook page  or visit our website at

Author: Vivek Prism

Vivek is a tech entrepreneur from Patna, Bihar. Blogger by hobby, full stack developer and founder at Webx99 also contributor to Bihar Startups Community.