#Bihar Startup Sunday- Patna Chapter 1

#Bihar Startup Sunday- Patna Chapter 1

Sunday is the time to rejuvenate and what if you opt for rejuvenating professionally and moving forward to your dreams a little faster! With this very motiveĀ Bihar Startups Club along withVenture Park (an Incubation center of Bihar Industrial Association) , organised a round table meet-up for all the running startups in Bihar. The prime motive behind this was to create a platform for all the budding entrepreneurs to get together and discuss on some of the key issues which every startup has to face and finding the best ways to get those sorted.

Bihar Startup Sunday
Young Entrepreneurs at 1st edition of Bihar Startup Sunday Meet- at BIA

Startup, the very name makes it clear that everyone unites to Start moving Up (Start-Up). Sunday witnessed a welcoming thundershower and weather become more merrier to move out and join for some healthy discussion with like minded people at BIA Venture Park. The Startup’s which participated in this meet came up with their ideas and shortcomings they faced while scaling up.

Bihar Startups club organizing member, Vivek Kumar, addressed the session describing the prime motive behind the meet-up and what it was aimed towards. Vivek said “Many startups had to face a lot of issues at the time of their inception, which later on became their stepping stones towards success as they found the solution for the same. Such shortcomings and demands are never easy to meet and other startups can join hands together to get this sorted easily. Joining hands together can make things easier for the budding ones and create a healthy startup ecosystem.”

Key Discussion Takeaways:

The meetup saw some great inputs on issues related to great team building and marketing on digital modes. The potential of digital marketing has helped many startups and yielded a better ROI on their marketing investments. The startups were made acquainted with the digital modes they may opt for to reach their prospecting customers on the go. Many startups agreed on the fact that the digital modes has better reach than the traditional marketing modes.

Who all participated?

Approx 100 startups thronged to this opening meet-up. Some the well known names include Homezify, Redbrick, Boxboy, RailRestro, SevaMart, FindMyDrona etc. Startups who are in conceptualization mode would be invited in the comings meet-up.

When Can You Participate?

Vivek, the organizing member of Bihar Startup Club, mentioned that they would be organizing such meetups on last Sunday of every month. The very aim of such meetup is to give a platform or a forum for startups to discuss their issues and also share their ideas. Stay tuned for further updates on our up-coming meetup and keep watching the Bihar Startups Club Facebook page.