EMEDIX: Techie Startup Helping People With Medical Supplies

EMEDIX: Techie Startup Helping People With Medical Supplies

Medical supplies need a quick replenishment and there is no way out if your local medical store has gone out of stock due to some logistic issues prevailing in your locality. If the drug is of life saving category, this makes things more worse and their seems to be no way out. Addressing such emergencies and meeting the demands was perceived by young professionals who were well settled with their handsome paychecks. The urge of doing something different and generating employment in their native state, made them join hands together and this gave birth to a unique startup for the state, later named as “Emedix”.

What the Heck is Emedix?

You can call it as an online pharmacy which supplements your medical supply needs. It offers door to door supply of medicines and other medical supplies. The delivery business model is powered by inherent tech capabilities of the company. The order processing is done with the help of technology enabled softwares, which makes the whole process a very efficient one.

What’s unique about Emedix?

Talking about the USP, Shiraz, the company CEO says

“Emedix is all about delivery commitment which helped them to stand out from their counterpart. A lot of online medicine delivery ventures have come ahead, but non of them were meeting the sense of urgency on the customer end. This needed a better approach and inventory management capabilities. Meeting the expectations on continual basis is what has made Emedix stand out and scale faster.”

Emedix Team:

The team comprises of people young professionals who left their handsome earning jobs in the top MNC’s. The core team includes Syed Ismail Khurram & Basant Jha, the Director,  Shiraz (CEO) & Danish the COO of the company.

Road Ahead: 

Emedix is currently running it’s operation in Patna, Bihar. They chose to operate from Patna coz they had an urge to do something for the state and also they did some statistical analysis study of the papers published by world bank, stating Patna to be second most preferred location for starting a business. Talking about the future prospects, Danish the COO says:

“We are looking forward to expanding our reach to smaller cities where healthcare and medicines are not available readily. We will also be introducing other healthcare services in near future.”

Emedix has no doubt met the expectations of the clients in state in terms of meeting their medical supply needs. After an in-depth research, they have created a system of delivery in which the customer knows when the order will be delivered and we stick to our commitment. As medicines and medical needs are a serious affair if one does not deliver the order on time, it can be life threatening.

Contact Person: Danish Ashraf – COO

Website: Emedix

Contact Mail: info@emedix.in