How UrbanZila is changing the way people do Laundry in Patna

How UrbanZila is changing the way people do Laundry in Patna

A startup from Patna called UrbanZila silently built it’s startup in on-demand laundry space and is changing the way people use to wash dirty clothes. Founder Piyush says he started few other businesses tried hard and failed in earlier ventures but he kept learning and improvising from each incident. In 2018, he finally decided to enter in laundry space by organizing the demand and supply in the sector with vision to provide premium class doorstep laundry and dry cleaning services to consumers.

When asked about how it’s different than the other local laundry and dry cleaning service provider in city? Piyush answered that you don’t have to worry of parking on street and go twice or multiple times to give clothes and than pickup the same or keep asking every next day whether your booking is ready or not. UrbanZila solves these issues and provides you worry free pickup and drop with premium quality service for your expensive clothes in the whole process.

How UrbanZila Works?

Currently UrbanZila team provides doorstep laundry and dry cleaning services in Patna with It’s future plans to expand to other cities in coming few months. UrbanZila is running its own logistics for the delivery and pickup of laundry and processes the garments with It’s partner processing plants. Founder has mentioned that the industry is very challenging and needs consistent improvement in service and optimization of every resource to make the business salable and also demands patience. With the use of technology UrbanZila team is trying to optimize the whole process from tracking of the laundry process to scheduling the pickup and delivery of Laundry.

UrbanZila started bootstrapped and earlier in December 2018 got early seed fund of undisclosed amount to bring the team and design the business process and business strategy for next 6 months. The new team which brought experience from past businesses is also working on yielding better margins and Unit Economics.

Traction and future plans of UrbanZila

In first three months UrbanZila got fewer than 100 customers but once the customers started repeating the number kept growing since then. Recently in March UrbanZila celebrated its 1st anniversary with approx 3000+ bookings from above 800 unique users. With the whole focus on enhancing the customer experience and focusing on quality service with no compromises on timely delivery and packaging of clothes it plans to optimize the service in all verticals. Piyush mentioned that the UrbanZila is growing at ten to eleven percent per month and is currently working with 6 employees. UrbanZila is experimenting with some other services also and haves the future plans to enter into B2B market for laundry and dry cleaning for hotels, hospitals and other bulk businesses.

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