Patna based Startup serving food on train in tie-up with IRCTC

Patna based Startup serving food on train in tie-up with IRCTC

Nearly 30 million people live on wheels in a developing country like India and with around 32% of the trains don’t have pantry facilities to meets the basic needs of food and water of the travelling families and youths. Available food items are mostly cringe-worthy and inedible. This was a major challenge which generated the spark in the minds of a young, budding entrepreneur named Manish Chandra from Patna, Bihar. He always dreamed of having delicious food in trains and wished the same for every Indian. This dream lead him to give birth to a start-up named “Railrestro” as a platform which can solve this issue and bring smiles to people who travel in trains.

Talking about the conception of the idea, Manish says “It almost seemed impossible to imagine hot, favourite food being served without facing much of hassle right at ones seat while travelling in train. That is it when I came up with a unique business model to form a link between popular food chains, restaurants with the trains and solve the problem pertaining in terms of food availability.” Adding further, he says, “We made our first pilot project by delivering meal on train between Patna- New Delhi trains. When we found it working, we pushed further on the tie ups with major restaurants across other routes.”

RailRestro started operation in end of year 2015 since then is continuously increasing it’s sales and revenue. At present RailRestro is getting  800-1000 meal orders a day compared to 10-20 in it’s first quarter. Company started it’s operation from a small office with a team of 5 and has currently expanded its strength to 50 employee from of all departments. They have set a goal to double their daily orders from 1000 per day to 2000 per day in next 3 months.

Rail Restro team at it’s STPI Office

The prime risk underlying in this business model was the supply chain management and cash flows. Yet, the idea gained a steady pace and as the tie- ups poured in there was no looking back for the young entrepreneur. Now, with tie-ups with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and also food from major food chains, food ordering in train is just a click away with RailRestro. Railrestro moved forward further with expansion along the major routes all over India and has emerged as a brand when it comes to ordering food in train. The passion to serve people has made Manish reach the pinnacle in train food delivery ecosystem.

Bihar is proud to have such promising startup working from Patna and serving whole country. We wish for their future success and will bring you exclusive interview from founder of RailRestro in some time.