Umda Services- Featured Startup From The Soil of Bihar

Umda Services- Featured Startup From The Soil of Bihar

” Make Your Marketing So Useful, People Would Pay for It.”

A famous proverb when it comes to defining your services. If your core competencies are in-evitable, you are sure to get clients pay for it.Creating a company which is based on the above notion is not an easy affair and this is where the brain storming started in few budding minds. Talking about the conception of the idea which has now turned into a successful company, the operation head, Sarosh says, “It was during the Lok Sabha Elections, the idea popped up due to some real intense advertisement campaigns going on in the state and the underlying opportunty under the political turf. The group also bagged the opportunity to work with current ruling political party of the state, Janta Dal United (JDU).This was the very eureka moment for this young idea which later turned into a firm named “Umda Services”.

Featured Startup From Bihar


The Umda Team

The team started with it’s founding members who hail from same school where they began their educational career. Gradually fellow mates from the same school roped in as they saw the idea very much lucrative and the company began to grew. Currently the team comprises of 17 young professionals.Most of the team comprises of your engineers and management grads with mean age not exceeding 25 years. The young & enthusiastic approach paved the way forward. This was the start and their was no looking back once they found the wheel rolling through their efforts.

Why Umda Services?

Talking about their USP, Sarosh says that their customer centric approach along with better understanding coupled with the assets which were vital for marketing in rural areas. The unique assets which are one of its kind leaves an un-matched experience for the ones who are seeking a better marketing for their brands. These things sets them apart and gives the all reasons for one to opt for Umda services.

Umda Services USP:

Bootstrapped from the beginning, the young team has done all their homework required for making what we call a great marketing and branding agency in Bihar.Offering a 360 degree advertising solution, Umda helps their clients to create an everlasting experience on the target audience. The company also offers service assistance across multiple user platforms.They focus on advertisement, marketing and brand development of clients in such a way that crafts the identity of brands in cost effective manner. They follow a simple work approach, Viz listening to client, understanding their requirements & plan accordingly as per scope & then act.

Road Ahead:

The company has atained it’s breakeven in third quarter and is planning to go national by next financial year. They are generating assets through their efforts which can fuel their expansion plans in future.

Contact Person: A Sarosh (Sales & Operation Head)
Address: 308, Sumati Palace, Boring Road, Patna-1